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News on Mandaluyong vendors - from Manila Bulletin

M’luyong City vendors thank Mayor Gonzales
December 17, 2004, 8:00am

Around 50 sidewalk vendors from Mandaluyong City, bearing placards, gathered in front of the city hall not to stage a protest rally but to thank Mayor Neptali Gonzales, II for the early Christmas gift: an area where they can sell their stuff.

Sidewalk vendors who used to sell their wares will now be given the opportunity to sell in designated places where they will not disturb the flow of pedestrians.

The sidewalk vendors, who belong to the 150-strong Mandaluyong Vendors Association (MVA) thanked the local chief executive for addressing their plight.

The city mayor assured his constituents that the relocation will benefit them and so do pedestrians and motorists.

Mayor Gonzales II said: "I am glad that my constituents appreciate my humble Christmas gift. The cooperation coming from them will help me restore order in vending along the Kalentong area. I assure that everyone will benefit from this endeavor, including the pedetrians who will be able to walk freely in the sidewalk without obstruction and the motorists who will enjoy better traffic flow with the absence of sidewalk vendors."

In view of the Christmas season when local government units extend "traditional" vendors holiday to vendors, Mayor Gonzales II declared the whole month of December as vendor’s holiday.

This month, vending will be allowed on Kalentong and Panaderos streets with the condition that only half of the sidewalks will be used for setting up their wares.

Also, a series of consultations were held among the city’s Task Force Anti-Sidewalk Ordinance, Task Force Anti-Vice and the market owners and the MVA, who are also under the Sanlakas-led Metro Manila Vendors Alliance for planning the informal vendor’s relocation.

By January 2005, the city government will implement an experimental relocation of the informal vendors on Kalentong and Panaderos streets in designated areas particularly near the business establishments of HBC, Wisely and EPC in New Panaderos Extension and Footstep, Merced Drug, Arellano and Amor in San Roque St.

Task Force Anti-Sidewalk chief Rannie De Leon said the agreed conditions of the plan are the strict monitoring of vending in the sidewalk for the entire month of January; the immediate apprehension of violators; a required daily payment from the vendors (the rate of which will be determined by the City Treasurer); a regular and sustained collection of garbage on Panaderos and Kalentong; and the designation of an official representative from the vendor’s group that will join the coordinating team in monitoring the daily vending activities.

De Leon said the city government will also construct stalls for the vendors and will repair the vending area (San Roque St) via an asphalt overlay.

An adhoc monitoring team composed of Task Force Ordinance, Task Force Anti-Vice, barangay Pag-asa and the Office of the Mayor will ensure the efficient implementation of the plan as well as its subsequent evaluation.

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Vendors favor LGUs over cops - 22 March 2004


Vendors favor LGUs over cops
Posted: 6:35 AM (Manila Time) | Mar. 22, 2004
By Edson C. Tandoc Jr.
Inquirer News Service

IF THE vendors will have the final say, they would prefer to have the local government units rather than the police be entrusted with the job of clearing the streets of illegal vendors.

Metro Manila Vendors' Alliance (MMVA) president Rudy Ladiao on Sunday told a press conference that they were rejecting the proposal of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority for the Philippine National Police to take over the job.

The MMDA made the proposal after announcing last week that it was backing out of the anti-sidewalk vending operations in Metro Manila.

MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando said the decision was made to prevent his men from further injuries or death inflicted by displaced vendors who, he claimed, were becoming more violent.

The vendors said that giving back the implementation of sidewalk clearing operation to the police would lead to more suffering for vendors as some policemen could abuse their authority again by extorting money.

The group also questioned why the police should take over the job when "vendors are not criminals."

National Capital Region Police Office director Ricardo De Leon earlier said the police were ready to take over the operations.

Asked about fears of abuse, he said the NCRPO would not tolerate erring policemen, and vendors could report any violation to Patrol 117.

Flora Santos, who organized the MMVA, said the local governments are in a better position to address the concerns of vendors since they have the development plans and resources to implement the organized vending programs.

The group also asked Fernando to pay for all the goods they confiscated and all the suffering they have caused the sidewalk vendors in the two years of sidewalk clearing operations.

The vendors also proposed to have "alternative vending sites," where the vendors are willing to pay for official permits, like the one being implemented in some areas in Quezon City.

On March 27, the group will have a vendors' summit where they would ask interested candidates to sign a covenant with the vendors.


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Sanlakas solon brings vendors' issues to Congress

Sanlakas solon brings vendors' issues to Congress
October 8, 2003

Rep. J.V. Bautista
Sanlakas Party List

Asserting that the number of street vendors are reduced only in books but not in the streets, Sanlakas party-list representative J.V. Bautista took the floor this afternoon for the vendors, by urging his fellow lawmakers to make forceful recommendations to concerned national and local agencies to address their problems.

"A moratorium on clearing operations," he said, "would be a good start that must be followed by positive negotiations both in the national agencies level as well as in the local levels."

In his privilege speech, Bautista lambasted Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chair Bayani Fernando for implementing MMDA Resolution No. 02-28 Series of 2002 not only by force but also in a "Hitlerite" manner, rather than opening up the door for positive negotiation with organized vendors.

"As a result", Bautista said, "Sa mata ng mga vendor, ang dati'y malinis at kahanga-hangang imahe ni Chairman Fernando, na sana'y pam Bise Presidente na, ay napalitan ng larawan ng isang Hitler."

"Confiscating the vendors' commercial articles, drenching them with kerosene or even setting them on fire in order to drain their capital is not only a gross violation of human rights, but more so a sadistic display of brutality, reminiscent of Hitler," he stressed.

According to the Sanlakas solon, this is the reason why Fernando's theory of "ubusan ng kapital" never worked. In Fernando's thinking, sidewalk vending will stop once peddlers run out of capital.

"Well, that might be true for a person who only makes vending for fun but how about the persons whose life depends on vending? Mr. Henry Sy can afford to leave his mall business for another, but what about Aling Linda who survives on street vending all her life?" Bautista lamented.

Bautista cited the September 10, 2003 memorandum of M. Neil R. Lina, the City Market Administrator to Mayor Feliciano Belmonte, as an example of how the "brutal", "indiscriminate" and "uncoordinated" clearing operations of MMDA affected both the image of the city as well as its revenues.

"As a result of their indiscriminate and uncoordinated clearing operations with the city counterparts, the number of registered vendors in the city has been greatly reduced. Many of them refuse to go back in the office to renew their permits, however, some have continued to vend in spite of the risk of being demolished," Lina said.

The Quezon City record shows that there are about 10,000-12,000 vendors in the city, of which 6,000 are registered. But Quezon City Market Administrator said that after a series of demolition jobs by MMDA, the number of vendors who are renewing their permits considerably dropped, but nevertheless you would see many of them back on the streets again and again. He also noted the dropped in their revenue from P5.021 million in 2002 to P3.714 million in 2003.

Finally, Bautista said small vendors are not our enemies in the streets. "They are dignified people who make their living out of the shameful failure of our government to provide them decent lives. Tulong, hindi pagtaboy, ang dapat nilang makuha sa pamahalaan."

Martes, Oktubre 13, 2009

MMVA and SAMANA letter - 2002

MMVA and SAMANA letter - 2002

Linggo, Oktubre 11, 2009

Bayani - Antihero? - UP Forum

Sanlakas Rep. JV Bautista's speech on vendors

Sanlakas partylist representative JV Bautista's speech at Congress

Maliliit na Manininda ng Kamaynilaan: Dapat bang Kamuhian o Dapat Tulungan?
October 8, 2003

Mr. Speaker, I rise here today on a matter of personal and collective privilege on the issue of our hapless street vendors, many of whom have suffered and continue to suffer inhumane treatment from the hands of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and their respective local government units.

Mr. Speaker, bago ko isa-isahin ang mga reklamo at karaingan ng maliliit nating manininda dito sa Kamaynilaan, nais kong iparating sa inyo na narito ngayon sa bulwagang ito ang kanilang mga kinatawan mula sa Metro Manila Vendors Alliance (MMVA). They have asked this humble representation to speak on their behalf and they would be very hopeful and happy to listen to what would be our collective response to their plight.

Good intentions done through brutal experiment

Mr. Speaker, mula nang ipatupad ng MMDA ang kanilang clearing operations laban sa mga sidewalk vendors sa Kamaynilaan noong Hulyo 2002, sa bisa ng MMDA Resolution No. 02-28 Series of 2002, naging kalbaryo na ang buhay ng ating mga kapatid na vendors. Ito ay dahil idinaan ni Chairman Fernando sa pwersa at dahas hindi sa mapayapang negosasyon ang pagpapatupad ng naturang MMDA Resolution. Kaya ngayon sa mata ng mga vendor, ang malinis at kahanga-hangang imahe ni MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando ay napalitan ng isang Hitler.

From July 2002 up to now, Mr. Speaker, the Metro Manila Vendors Alliance has recorded untold cases of physical assault from MMDA operatives ranging from harassment to extreme use of force that resulted to serious physical injuries to the death of three vendors. Sa katunayan, sa Cubao ay may kaso pa ng naputulan ng kamay dahil sa paglaban sa operatiba ng MMDA na armado ng samurai. Also, an estimated 2-3 million pesos worth of commercial articles were confiscated by MMDA personnel that resulted to economic dislocation of vendors.

Wala ring pinipili ang pandarahas ng MMDA, Mr. Speaker. Babae at lalaki, matatanda, buntis at bata ay pare-pareho ang trato sa kanila. From Monumento to Baclaran, from Fairview to Taft, and from Cubao to Divisoria, these helpless vendors, numbering tens of thousands including
their families, suffered the same fate under Bayani Fernando's brutal regime in MMDA. Up to now, they are still waiting for justice.

Marami pang mga kaso ng karahasan, Mr. Speaker, na hindi nakareport dahil takot din ang mga vendor na magpa-blotter sa mga pulis. Tinitiis nila ang kalagayang ito, tinatanggap nila ang kaapihang ito, dahil ito na ang nagisnan nilang buhay bilang vendor - ang mabuhay sa pamamagitan ng pagtitinda sa gitna ng peligroso at marahas na pagtrato sa kanila ng mga nasa awtoridad.

Sanlakas in defense

Mr. Speaker, habang nagaganap ang karahasan ng MMDA laban sa mga vendors, ang aking organisasyong kinakatawan, ang Sanlakas, ay hindi nangiming sila'y
suportahan sa kabila ng suportang tinatanggap naman ni Chairman Fernando mula sa nakatataas na uri ng ating lipunan. Ngunit ito ay hindi dahil wala kaming konsepto ng kalinisan at kaayusan sa ating mga lansangan. Hindi dahil sinasang-ayunan namin ang paglabag nila sa batas. Hindi dahil kunukunsinti namin ang kanilang kamangmangan sa iba pang paraan ng paghahanapbuhay.

Like Chairman Fernando, we also are yearning to live in an ideal, peaceful, orderly and livable city of men, women and children not only in Metro Manila but also in all urban centers nationwide. However, accomplishing such great task, we believe, requires not a brutal man but a benevolent leadership this country has yet to find.

Mr. Speaker, simple lang ang aming dahilan sa pag-aalala sa kalagayan ng ating maliliit na vendor. Ang kaharap nating problema ay isang masamang realidad -- ang realidad ng kahirapan na nagtulak sa ating mahihirap na kababayan na suungin ang peligrosong paraan ng paghahanapbuhay. Bakit lalo pa natin silang pinahihirapan? Gayung kahit ganito ang napili nilang buhay, naghahanapbuhay sila ng marangal. Maaaring sa mata ng batas ang kanilang paraan ng hanapbuhay ay iligal pero sa konsepto ng hustisya sila ay hindi perwisyo sa ating lipunan. Maging sa buhay ekonomiya ng bansa, sila ay hindi pabigat kundi'y nakakatulong pa sa pamahalaan na walang kapasidad na magbigay ng pormal na empleyo sa milyun-milyong walang hanapbuhay.

"Ubusan ng kapital"

What these vendors find more revolting, Mr. Speaker, about Chairman Fernando's prescription in addressing the vendor's problems is his theory of "ubusan ng kapital". Confiscating vendors' commercial articles or setting them on fire to drain their capital is not only a violation of human rights but also a gruesome display of brutality, which is Hitler's trademark. In his ingenious theory, Mr. Speaker, Chairman Fernando believes that sidewalk vending will stop once peddlers run out of capital. Well, that might be true for a person who only makes vending for fun but not for a person who vends for life. Perhaps, Henry Sy can leave his mall business for another but not for Ka Pedring who lives on street vending for all his life.

Mr. Speaker, nagtagumpay ba ang teoryang ito ni BF? According to Mr. Neil R. Lina, the City Market Administrator of Quezon City, in his memorandum to Mayor Feliciano Belmonte dated September 10, 2003: "The number of registered vendors reduced only in books but not in the streets."

Let me quote him in full: "Problems and complaints have arisen against the alleged abuse of authority by MMDA operatives. Cases after cases have been filed against these people, Bayani Fernando included. As a result of their indiscriminate and uncoordinated clearing operations with the city counterparts, the number of registered vendors in the city has been greatly reduced. Many of them refuse to go back to the office to renew their permits, however, some have continued to vend in spite of the risk of being demolished. Our record shows that there are about 10,000 to 12,000 vendors in the city of which 6,000 are registered. After a series of demolition jobs by the MMDA the number of vendors who are renewing their permits considerably dropped, but nevertheless you would see many of them back on the streets again and again."

Along this fact, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Lina also noted some negative effects on the "indiscriminate, brutal, inhuman and barbaric acts of MMDA personnel", and I quote:

1. "Many of our vendors who have faithfully paid and complied with our requirements have been victimized involving loss of hundreds of thousands of pesos in capital. Goods and even cash sales were confiscated but not returned;

2. MMDA continues to defy the permits we are issuing. Thus, the vendors' trust and confidence in our effort to require them to pay our vending taxes and fees is diminished;

3. Because of this, many of registered vendors have stopped renewing their permits from us. Hence, the reduction and slump in revenues. Last year 2002, was our highest collection of P5.021 million. This year's collection could have been bigger had not for MMDA's abuses. As of June 2003, we just collected P3.714 million;

4. Even though vendors are aware of the previous written proposal by the City Market Administrator to the Mayor to declare alternative vending sites, the image of the city has been marred since the vendors do not see it implemented. They perceive lack of support to their business or a relocation site where their trading will be unhampered by threats of demolition is a failure on the part of the City Government."

Mas malamang, Mr. Speaker, ganyan din ang nangyayari sa maraming syudad sa Metro Manila. Marahil, dahil sa inaasahang mangyayari, kung bakit hindi sumang-ayon sa naturang ordinansa ng MMDA ang mga lungsod ng Maynila, Mandaluyong at Caloocan. Sila ay nagpapatupad ng sariling vending program na may konsultasyon sa mga manininda.

Disorder to anarchy

Mr. Speaker, ganyan kadalasan ang nagiging resulta ng Hitler na pormula sa paglutas ng problema. Sa halip na maayos nang mapayapa ang problema lalo lang itong nauuwi sa anarkiya. Sa halip na maorganisa sa isang programa ang mga vendor at maipatupad ang disiplina, itinulak sila ni Fernando sa pagtitinda sa paraang gerilya.

Hindi nagkulang ang mga manininda na ipaabot ang kanilang hinaing sa mga kinauukulang ahensya ng pamahalaan. Sa katunayan, humarap na sila sa Pangulo, sa National Anti-Poverty Commission, sa Commission on Human Rights at sa kanilang mga mayor, sa layuning ayusin sa paraan ng negosasyon ang kanilang kalalagyan at ang kabutihan ng syudad. Tanging si Chairman Fernando ang hindi humaharap sa kanila para makipag-usap.

Lastly, Mr. Speaker, I urge this august body to make forceful recommendations to concerned agencies to urgently and finally come to a viable solution to address the problems of our hapless vendors. A moratorium on clearing operations would be a good start that must be followed by positive negotiations both in the national agencies level as well as in the local levels.

Mr. Speaker, small vendors are not our enemies in the streets. They are dignified people who make their living out of the shameful failure of our government to provide them decent lives. Hindi ba't sa halip na kamuhian at ipagtabuyan, sila ay dapat tulungan ng pamahalaan?

Maraming salamat, Mr. Speaker.

Sabado, Oktubre 10, 2009

Urban poor groups warns of "rebellion" if worsening plight is not addressed soon

September 24, 2003

Urban poor groups warns of "rebellion" if worsening plight is not addressed soon

Some 1,000 leaders of urban poor organizations gathered today in a pre-summit meeting at the gym of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) in Manila, to discuss the worsening condition of the urban poor sector and to come up with a common platform of struggle to address their situation.

Participants came from some of the biggest urban poor groups in the country such as the Kongreso ng Pagkakaisa ng Maralitang Lungsod (KPML), the Zone One Tondo Organization (ZOTO), Kalipunan ng mga Samahan ng Maralita sa Kalunsuran (KASAMA-KA), Sagip-Tahanan at Kabuhayan Inc., Komunidad, Koalisyon Kontra Demolisyon (KKD) and the Metro Manila Vendors Alliance (MMVA).

The groups blamed the Arroyo administration for its failure to address the growing problem of homelessness in the country, the planned massive demolition of urban poor communities, the miserable conditions of relocation areas, and the unbearable cost even of low cost housing projects.

"If the GMA administration would continue treating the urban poor problems as merely for show during her time of low, she would certainly face the rebellion of the poor in the near future," said Ka Pedring Fadrigon, leader of KPML and MMVA said.

Fadrigon explained that in year 2000, there are already at least 18 million people nationwide who belong to the urban poor sector.

They continue to grow at an average rate of 200,000 a year because of the phenomenal increase in urban migration especially of poor families coming from rural areas.

Lack of jobs and resources force them to scout the urban areas for opportunities, but ended up later as hapless slum dwellers compounding the huge shortfall in housing projects of the government.

There is now a total of 4.2M backlog in housing.

The groups blamed the government's program for the rising number of homeless people because it gave priority on the private-led economic housing program rather than on the socialized housing program that would benefit the poorest of the poor.

For this year, for instance, the government has only allocated some P3B in its housing program.

Miyerkules, Oktubre 7, 2009

MMVA brochure - 2002

(Ito'y sinipi sa kanilang brochure na inihanda noong 2002 - back-to-back short bond paper)

Metro Manila Vendors Alliance
" Karapatan sa Kabuhayan para sa Makatarungang Lipunan"


Ang Metro Manila Vendors Alliance (MMVA) ay pormal na itinayo noong Agosto 30, 2002 sa pamamagitan ng isang "vendors summit" na pinangunahan ng mahigit apatnapung (40) organisasyon ng mga maliliit na manininda na nagmula sa iba't ibang lugar sa Kamaynilaan. Isang manipesto ng pagkakaisa ang pinagtibay upang magsilbing panimulangdeklarasyon ng pagkakaisa ang pinagtibay upang magsilbing panimulang deklarasyon ng pagkakaisa at mga kahilingan tanda ng paninindigan na ipagtanggol ang karapatan sa kabuhayan at dignidad bilang mga manininda.

Nagsimulang mabuo mula ng matutong tumindig ang ilang grupo ng manininda ng Kalentong at Philcoa na naglunsad ng mga kilos-protesta sa harap ng opisina ng MMDA at ng lokal na pamahalaan. Ang patuloy na mga kilos-protestang ito ang siyang nagbigay-inspirasyon sa iba pang mga kalat-kalat na mga organisasyon na buklurin ang isang mas malawak na organisasyon ng lahat ng mga maliliit na manininda sa buong Kamaynilaan upang higit na palakasin ang komon na interes ng manininda - walang iba kundi ang MMVA. Ang kapasyahang ito ay resulta ng malupit at di-makataong patakaran ni Bayani Fernando simula nang italaga bilang chairman ng MMDA.

Itinuring ni Bayani Fernando at ng mga kawal nito na animo'y mga "daga sa estero ng buong Kamaynilaan". Tinutugis tuwing makikita. Dinudurog ang bawat dugo't pawis na puhunan. Ito ang simula ng aming kasaysayan, ang kasaysayan ng paninindigan na lumaban at ipagtanggol ang karapatang mabuhay sa sariling kaparaanan.

Bakit ba mayrooong mga vendors sa bangketa't lansangan? Ano nga ba ang dahilan?

Ang pagtitinda ay isa sa paraan ng tao upang mabuhay, ano mang uri, porma o lugar nito. Ngunit malaki ang pinag-iiba ng mga tinatawag na vendors o maliliit na manininda kumpara sa ibang negosyante, dahil wala itong depenidong lugar na pinagtitindahan o di kaya'y sa tipo ng paninda at higit sa lahat ay ang antas ng kanilang kapital. Ito rin ay bahagi ng kulturang Pinoy na kung tawagin ay sariling sikap. Isang phenomenal na pangyayari bunga ng kawalan ng oportunidad dahil sa matinding kahirapan.

At bago pa man umusbong ang modernong lipunan ay kasabay na sa pag-inog ng kasaysayan ang patuloy na pag-iral ng mga vendors hindi lamang sa Pilipinas kundi maging sa buong mundo. Ang resulta ng kawalan ng oportunidad na ito ay repleksyon lamang ng dumaraming Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) at patuloy na paglaki ng bilang ng maliliit na manininda. Magkaiba man ng propesyon ngunit iisa ang layunin, ang magkaroon ng regular na trabaho at maayos na pamumuhay. Ito ang obhetibong paliwanag sa pag-iral ng mga vendors saanmang panig ng mundo.

Dahil sa itinulak ng kawalan ng mas magandang pagkakataon, nagtitiis sa matinding sikat ng araw, polusyon at samu't saring peligro ng bangketa't lansangan. Ngunit nagpupumilit naman na maging marangal at mabuhay ng patas kung ikukumpara sa desperadong pamumuhay ng iba. Ito ang tinatawag na mga vendors o maliliit na manininda. At hindi ang makitid na pang-unawa na resulta ito ng simpleng "katigasan lang ng ulo" at "kawalan ng paggalang at sapat na pang-unawa sa batas".

Ito ay malinaw na tinakda ng kalagayan ng lipunan, o mas eksakto, ng di malunasang epidemya ng kahirapan. Katunayan, maging ang dakilang bayani ng masang anakpawis na si Gat Andres Bonifacio na dating nagtitinda ng pamaypay sa Binondo ay saksi sa sumpa ng ganitong mapait na kalagayan.

Street Vendors
... Isang hamon sa paglutas sa kahirapan

Ayon sa isang artikulo sa Phil. Daily Inquirer (Microeconomics and the street vendors):

"It is hard for government regulations to suppress the survival of the poorest of the poor. They will risk jail and confiscation of goods in the name of their next meal. Kapit sa patalim is their only alternative..."

"No one but no one has succeeded in completely getting rid of sidewalk vendors since World War II, not even the MMDA's Bayani Fernando."

"Already, Fernando is starting to fail. The street vendors are slowly coming back as soon as the cops let down their guard. Fernando says he will have no pity for vendors, not even during Christmas. Human survival has tremendous energy."

Isa itong regulatory dilemma sa panig ng gubyerno sapagkat hindi masusugpo ang pagdami ng mga vendors sa lansangan at bangketa hangga't hindi nalulutas ang kahirapan ng Pilipinas. Sapagkat habang may nagugutom ay gagawa at hahanap ng paraan upang mabuhay ang tao lalo na sa isang lipunang hindi sinserong tinutugunan ang pangangailangan ng kanyang mamamayan. Samakatwid, hindi lang regulasyon ang problema kundi isang ganap na social dilemma.


Ang MMVA ay magiging bahagi ng pagsusulong tungo sa ganap na pagpawi ng kahirapan para sa isang makatao at pantay-pantay na sistema ng lipunan. Dahil ito ang pundamental na dahilan ng pag-iral bilang mga maliliit na manininda sa lansangan at bangketa. Nais naming magkaroon ng isang lipunang walang pagsasamantala at may mataas na kalidad ng pamumuhay ang bawat isa. Isang progresibong lipunan na nakabatay sa panlipunang hustisya - ito ang aming pangarap.


Patatagin ang malawak na pagkakaisang lahat ng mga vendors hindi lamang sa Metro Manila kundi sa buong Pilipinas. Magkaroon at kilalanin ang boses sa lipunan bilang isang mahalagang sektor sa ating lipunan, lalo na sa isang ekonomya tulad ng Pilipinas na nakasandig sa tinatawag na microeconomy na walang matatag na built-in domestic economy (malusog na mga industriya). Ibig sabihin, ang mayorya ng mamamayang Pilipino ay nabubuhay sa paraan ng sariling pagsisikap bunga ng kapabayaan ng gubyerno at maling sistema't patakaran nito tulad ng pagsulpot ng manininda sa lahat ng panig ng bansa.


- Ipaglaban ang karapatan para sa katiyakan sa sustenableng kabuhayan
- Magkaroon ng matatag na ugnayan sa lahat ng samahan ng mga manininda
- Patuloy na magmulat, mag-organisa at magpakilos
- Lumahok sa pakikibaka para sa pagbabago ng lipunan
- Magkaroon ng isang pambansang organisasyon ng maliliit na manininda sa Pilipinas


- Maglunsad ng mga forum, symposium at discussions sa isyu ng manininda
- Maglunsad ng mga dioalogue mula sa pambansa at lokal na pamahalaan
- Mag-lobby para sa pagbubuo at pagsasabatas ng Magna Carta of Vendors sa Senado at Kongreso
- Maglunsad ng mga pakikibakang masa tungo sa paggigiit ng kahilingan
- Masiglang makipag-ugnayan sa iba't ibang sektor at kilusang pagbabago
- Magkaroon ng makatwirang pagdidisiplina sa hanay ng maliliit na manininda

MMVA Executive Committee

Mr. Pedring Fadrigon - President
Mr. Edwin Roche - Internal Vice President
Ms. Malou Simporios - External Vice President
Ms. Baby Panti - Secretary General
Ms. Gemma Estonillo - Deputy Secretary General
Ms. Nenita Olvina - Treasurer
Ms. Puring Villadolid - Assistant Treasurer
Ms. Zeny Senadora - Auditor

Public Relations Officers:
Mr. Rudy Ladiao - Blumentritt
Ms. Nenita Nuete - Mandaluyong
Ms. Mayeth Escober - Visayas Avenue
Ms. Maritess Gayondato - Batasan Road

MMVA brochure - FRONT 

MMVA brochure - BACK

Martes, Oktubre 6, 2009

MMVA letter published at the Inquirer - Nov. 22, 2002

Letter to the Editor
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Friday, November 22, 2002


We are not against the law. We also want orderliness and cleanliness. We are ready to leave our places along the sidewalks. In fact, we don't really want this dangerous way of making a living. We also want every Filipino to live a decent and prosperous life. We have great esteem for this genuine objective.

But our simple question is this: If we leave this kind of livelihood, how are we to survive? To have a proper market stall, we have to pay an exorbitant fee, aside from the electric bill (PPA included). Our houses are also under demolition threats. There aren't enough jobs waiting for us. The prices of commodities have increased due to the impending US-Iraq war and the inefficient running of our government. Our economy is in the drain; poverty has worsened.

These are not mere excuses as some people may think. We are not making use of our poverty to justify selling on the sidewalks. We just want to earn a living while there is no other option provided by the government.

But instead of understanding and offering an alternative solution to our plight, the MMDA and not the PNP, is after us like a mad dog. It claims that the law is on its side while ignoring the cause of our poverty and our reason for remaining on the sidewalks. We shall never win over this system unless our situation is understood and addressed.

Actually, as poverty worsens, the number of vendors will increase because it is a more decent way of living, unlike stealing, killing, or other crimes. We have been asking for a dialogue not only with the MMDA but also with other government agencies. Our minds and hearts are open to an alternative means of livelihood and consultations regarding our requests.

- METRO MANILA VENDORS ALLIANCE (Translated from Filipino by Sr. Teresa Cristobal)

Lunes, Oktubre 5, 2009

Soneto sa Vendors

(alay sa mga taga-Metro Manila Vendors Alliance o MMVA)
ni Greg Bituin Jr.
12 pantig bawat taludtod

Marangal na vendors, kayo’y naglalako
Ng mga panindang pambuhay sa inyo
Ngunit mga tinda’y inagaw, tinago
Ng isang berdugong hindi makatao.

Tinda nyo’y pambuhay sa inyong pamilya
Pambayad sa tubig, kuryente at bahay
Pangkain na ninyo ay inaagaw pa
Nais yata niyang kayo ay mamatay.

Dusa, hirap, gutom, maysakit ang anak
Api, bulsang butas, maraming lumuha
Sunog na kalakal, karapata’y wasak
Ang berdugong hudas ang nagwalanghiya.

Vendors, magkaisa, berdugo’y tanggalin
Hustisya ay dapat lamang ninyong kamtin!

Linggo, Oktubre 4, 2009

MMVA original members, as of January 2003


Note: This is from the original list the MMVA submitted in Malacañang up to the updating of Ka Pedring Fadrigon, MMVA Chairman, on January 4, 2003

Pangalan ng Samahan / Organisasyon

Tinatayang Bilang ng Kasapian

Syudad o Munisipyong Pinanggalingan


Malolos Vendors Association




Ayala Vendors Association




Guadalupe Vendors Association




Makati Vendors Association




Boni Edsa Vendors Association




Calbayog Vendors Association




Kalentong Vendors Association




Mandaluyong Vendors Association




Samana-Fa (Samahan ng Maralitang Nagtitinda sa Fabella




Blumentritt Vendors Association




FEU-Morayta Vendors Association




Paco Vendors Association




Samana Vendors




Christian-Muslim Alabang Vendors Association




Fishport Vendors Association




Baclaran Vendors Association




Bicutan, Parañaque Vendors Association




Pasay-LRT Vendors Association




Pasig Vendors Association




Pateros Vendors Association


Quezon City


Alley 6 Vendors Association


Quezon City


Christian-Muslim Commonwealth Vendors Association


Quezon City


Congressional Vendors Association


Quezon City


Cubao Act Vendors Association


Quezon City


Cubao Everest Vendors Association


Quezon City


Cubao Mercury Vendors Association


Quezon City


Cubao Edsa Vendors Association


Quezon City


Delos Santos Vendors Association


Quezon City


Kapit Bisig Vendors Association


Quezon City


Katipunan Vendors Association


Quezon City


Kristyano-Muslim Vendors Association


Quezon City


Litex Vendors Association


Quezon City


Luzon Avenue Vendors Association


Quezon City


Manggahan Vendors Association


Quezon City


Novaliches Vendors Association


Quezon City


Philcoa Vendors Association


Quezon City


Q-Mart Vendors Association


Quezon City


Quezon Avenue Vendors Association


Quezon City


Samahang Kristyano-Muslim Vendors Association


Quezon City


Samana-Philcoa Vendors Association


Quezon City


Sandigan Vendors Association


Quezon City


Sikap Bayan Vendors Association


Quezon City


SM Vendors Association


Quezon City


St. Lukes Vendors Association


Quezon City


Sto. Domingo Vendors Association


Quezon City


Talipapang Gala Vendors Association (Tandang Sora)


Quezon City


Visayas Avenue Vendors Association


Quezon City


Taguig Vendors Association





Areas: 12