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Vendors favor LGUs over cops - 22 March 2004


Vendors favor LGUs over cops
Posted: 6:35 AM (Manila Time) | Mar. 22, 2004
By Edson C. Tandoc Jr.
Inquirer News Service

IF THE vendors will have the final say, they would prefer to have the local government units rather than the police be entrusted with the job of clearing the streets of illegal vendors.

Metro Manila Vendors' Alliance (MMVA) president Rudy Ladiao on Sunday told a press conference that they were rejecting the proposal of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority for the Philippine National Police to take over the job.

The MMDA made the proposal after announcing last week that it was backing out of the anti-sidewalk vending operations in Metro Manila.

MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando said the decision was made to prevent his men from further injuries or death inflicted by displaced vendors who, he claimed, were becoming more violent.

The vendors said that giving back the implementation of sidewalk clearing operation to the police would lead to more suffering for vendors as some policemen could abuse their authority again by extorting money.

The group also questioned why the police should take over the job when "vendors are not criminals."

National Capital Region Police Office director Ricardo De Leon earlier said the police were ready to take over the operations.

Asked about fears of abuse, he said the NCRPO would not tolerate erring policemen, and vendors could report any violation to Patrol 117.

Flora Santos, who organized the MMVA, said the local governments are in a better position to address the concerns of vendors since they have the development plans and resources to implement the organized vending programs.

The group also asked Fernando to pay for all the goods they confiscated and all the suffering they have caused the sidewalk vendors in the two years of sidewalk clearing operations.

The vendors also proposed to have "alternative vending sites," where the vendors are willing to pay for official permits, like the one being implemented in some areas in Quezon City.

On March 27, the group will have a vendors' summit where they would ask interested candidates to sign a covenant with the vendors.


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